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The Pavilion’s Advanced, Precision Medicine, Medical and Dental Bio-Center

A WHITE PAPER BRIEF by Pavilion Founder and CEO Jim Grapek

Good health is the key to a good life, yet humanity, and subsequently much of life on earth, now faces its most threatening challenges. Dirty technologies and chemical effluents are causing irreparable harm. A full 50% of Americans, children and adults alike, now struggle with chronic illness. According to former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, MD, that number is expected to skyrocket “unless major changes are made in the way medicine is practiced.” Indeed, big shifts are underway — such as the Affordable Care Act’s directive to focus more on prevention and to improve “safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness”… and President Obama’s 2015 “Precision Medicine” initiative.  Many medical schools, including Yale, Harvard and Columbia, have now added integrative medicine classes to their curricula. Still, the institutional wheels turn slowly. That’s where The Pavilion come in. Its mission: To facilitate the implementation of these new directives to help restore America’s health, and economy, as quickly as possible

“I never get angry. I grow a tumor.” ~ Character in a Woody Allen film

Just what does it take to stay healthy, especially as we move into our forties and beyond? Is exercise and a good diet enough? No. We now know that we also need to consider 1) emotional stressors, past traumas and beliefs, 2) nutrition with regards to body and brain chemistry, 3) genomics, 4) the integrity of our body’s energy pathways, and 5) which environmental toxins we are carrying; and we are, given that more than 7 billion pounds of 650 industrial chemicals, many carcinogenic, are released into our air and water every year, according to the EPA. Can conventional medicine retool itself to embrace these new understandings and turn America’s health crisis around? Certainly not quickly enough.

It’s a highly contested topic. More and more, the very foundations of medicine are being openly questioned in the media[1].  Add to that insurance and pharmaceutical industries that are forcing doctors to practice a ‘one-size-fits-all’ standard of care, and the result is a bloated, tightly controlled, dysfunctional system that has become a large part the problem. A New York Times article (7/8/2013) examining the costs of medical care for three common procedures — colonoscopy, pregnancy and hip replacement — found that prices in the U.S. were both variable and extremely high by international standards, some up to 10 times the prices for comparable care in other countries. As Nobel Prize winning economist George Akerlof added, “in a market where the sellers have a great deal of information and the buyers have little or none, the buyers – most of us – are being ripped off big time”. People aren’t just being ripped off, though. They’re dying. According to the medical journals, themselves, fatalities from properly prescribed medications, for example, is the 4th leading cause of death. Is this really our best!?

While conventional medicine has many critics, it has no equal when it comes to dealing with emergencies and acute conditions. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t address the root causes — the nutritional, environmental, and emotional factors — of chronic disease. To quote Dr. Beverly Winikoff of the Rockefeller Foundation, “Appropriate public education must emphasize the unfortunate but clear limitations of current medical practice in curing the common killer diseases. In reality, there is very little medical science can do”. So where does one turn to get credible, evidence based, 21st century precision health information and care? The Pavilion. In keeping with Dr. Winikoff’s recommendation, The Pavilion’s a 501c3 Life Sciences Center is dedicated both to health education… and to furthering the safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness of health care, through partnerships with organizations like the Academy of Functional Medicine and Genomics, the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine, and others.

This evolving model of ‘best practices’ is then practically applied in The Pavilion’s Bio-Center, an advanced, precision medicine healthcare and wellness facility. Following assessments and diagnoses by integrative physicians, ancillary support teams go to work to manage each patient’s care and optimize their health. Ongoing data gathering and follow up analyses will continually get fed back into the system, and made public, as well.  This insures that the Bio-Center’s healthcare approaches remain based on the preponderance of supporting evidence.

“Health rests on three pillars”, wrote Gabor Mate, MD, “the body, the psyche, and the spiritual connection. To Ignore any one of them is to invite imbalance and dis-ease.” Built on these same pillars, The Pavilion’s precision, comprehensive, integrative, and functional solutions use the safest and most effective methods to manage people’s health… and improve their quality of life.

[1] Newsweek, 1/23/2011 – “Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong”