BioGeometry™: THE Key to Solving Our Pressing Challenges?

BioGeometry Cover Shot for Pulse BlogWhat if there was just ONE basic fix to all of our problems?

I started college as a physics major at Syracuse.  Though I eventually changed majors, my love for physics and how things fundamentally worked, remained. Then about ten years ago, I was filming Bill Tiller, a Stanford Professor Emeritus and physicist, and I had one of those epiphanies. It suddenly became clear to me that the answer to all of our worldly challenges really boiled down to physics!  Or rather, teaching the new understandings in science that show our universe as it truly is — a holographic, interconnected, unified field of energy. Yup. And that includes us.  And while this doesn’t greatly, at least not yet, impact our day to day existence, it totally reframes our context — who we are… and what we humans are capable of; and that will change everything, just as surely as Copernicus’s discoveries did in his time. Good news, too, because this is exactly the kind of ‘mass epiphany’, or shift, that’s called for today if we hope to restore the balance.

What do I mean by ‘restore the balance’ or ‘fix things’?  How is this for starters: 70% of Americans over 45 are now chronically ill… 1 out of every 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer… our children rank beneath those of third world countries in terms of education, drug use, and teenage pregnancy… and humankind, no, more like mankind, is causing the mass extinction of 27,000 species of life every year! This is due, in large part, to the fact that we’re dumping 7.65 billion pounds of toxic chemicals into the environment every year (EPA figures) and poisoning it.

Getting back to Dr. Tiller, I had the opportunity to meet and film him in 2004, and to produce a DVD based on his groundbreaking book, “Conscious Acts of Creation’.  Wow!  The reproducible experiments he and his team conducted blew my mind.  To think that just four trained meditators working together could so significantly affect physical reality stunned me. These people were able to change the expected outcomes of chemical reactions, increase the growth rate of fruit flies by some 15% (and more) — all with less than 30 minutes ‘work’ on their part.         I started imagining entire new service industries springing up. What if 12 people could work together and focus their intentions?  Based on Dr. Tiller’s experiments, there’s every reason to believe we could be saving a lot more lives in our hospitals!

A few years later I learned of physicist Nassim Haramein’s paradigm shifting work and became a huge fan. Geometry as the basis of our reality?  It’s sure looking like it… not to mention Linus Pauling’s definitive 1947 textbook, ‘General Chemistry”, which could, to a large extent, just as easily have been formatted and taught as a textbook of applied geometry.  Shades of things to come?  Today, university level molecular geometry courses teach students all about the three-dimensional arrangements of atoms in molecules. It’s a big deal. A substance’s reactivity, polarity, phase of matter, color, magnetism, and biological activity, are all determined by its geometry.  And in 2013, Oxford mathematical physicist Andrew Hodges added his support to the idea, stating, “The revelation that particle interactions, the most basic events in nature, may be consequences of geometry, significantly advances a decades-long effort to reformulate quantum field theory, the body of laws describing elementary particles and their interactions.”

Yet, it wasn’t until I started learning the applied science of BioGeometry, resurrected from the Ancient Egyptian Temple Sciences and further developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, that I began to get a sense of how this knowledge could be practically applied to everyday life to positively affect the world around us. Seriously.  Radiation?  No longer an untreatable problem. EMFs… toxic chemicals, GMO foods, drug side affects? Using the tools of BioGeometry, they’re no longer the health threats they need be.  How cool is that !?

Then something else struck me. The more I delved into BioGeometry, the more I started thinking that maybe we only had ONE real core problem in our world… and everything else was merely a derivative of that! < sigh of relief heard > Which meant we only had to come up with ONE core solution!

So what is this core problem I’m referring to?  Well, if you’re already a fan of Nassim or post materialistic science, you kind of know the answer — which is that the conventional science model which defines how our world functions is deeply flawed. Okay, you kind suspected that.  But I mean deeply flawed as in half of the science that we should have been learning and working with HAS BEEN LEFT OUT.  How’s that for a core problem!!? [Emphasis added J]

It seems this wasn’t by accident, either. If you look back in history, as I’m sure many of you have, you can find vestiges of this missing facet of science. Certainly we’ve seen some brilliant pioneers over the years, people like Tesla, Schauberger, Rife, and Reich, who rediscovered and built upon this missing information. They and others like them were able to do things like produce clean and efficient energy from implosion, and develop safe and highly effective electromagnetic and ‘subtle energy’ healing devices. Another pioneer, Stan Meyers, even built a car that ran on water!  But in the end, these pioneers were shut down… or worse, and their advances pulled from the public eye.

That said, the conventional science that built our civilization, while certainly capable, comes up short in many areas. It’s primarily explosive (think engines burning fossil fuel) and that also means more dangerous (think nuclear fission).  Most of these expansive/explosive technologies are also very inefficient and harmful to our health and the environment. Further, the monitoring and test instruments of conventional science are not able to even measure or account for widely known and experienced phenomenon, such as dowsing, energy healing (radionics, etc.), or laboratory proven clairvoyance. But rather than stating, “We haven’t developed the technology yet to measure these things”, institutional science simply excludes them as “unfounded,” and ridicules or attacks those researching them.

Now, looking back in history to the roots of our own civilization – ancient Egypt — it turns out that their body of science differed from ours in that it included a quantitative component (which matches our science), plus, an additional qualitative component. Their quantitative science component specifically looked at — as it does today — phenomenon associated with the physical, material world; everything within the electromagnetic (EM) energy spectrum… which is everything below the speed of light.

Their qualitative science component looked at energies and phenomenon beyond the EM spectrum; counterparts to their quantitative brethren, these represented ranges of qualities. These faster-than-light vibrational energies are associated with, and further define, the underlying matrix of consciousness and creation. With the help of this ‘whole’, or unified body of science, the Egyptian civilization was able to measure, interact with, and live in harmony with the world around them for thousands of years. Moreover, evidence has surfaced that they had electricity, lights, batteries, advanced surgical procedures (including brain surgery)… and perhaps anti-gravity technology based on sound that was capable of moving giant, hundred-ton stones. Contrast that with where our “modern” science has taken us in just two hundred hundreds years; an advanced civilization on the brink of destruction.

Now, something happened around 500 BC that I believe really set us on this destructive course. (It would also make a great movie plot but that’s another story.)  Pythagoras, credited as the father of modern math and science, studied these for some 20 years in Egypt before returning to Greece to teach. But when he began teaching the powerful things he learned, he was told by the authorities he could only teach HALF of what he had learned; the quantitative material.  He was forbidden to teach or even talk about the qualitative material under penalty of death!  I kid you not. It’s all documented. ‘They’, whoever ‘they’ were, were serious. Talking about qualitative science cost one of his students his life, and several others nearly followed suit – but I’ll spare the gory details.

The upshot is that with only half of what was originally a complete body of science to work with, our modern civilization has evolved with a serious imbalance. It’s like imagining a world where there are only men… no women. So rather than an honest, free-inquiry type of science, we have what Ken Wilbur calls ‘a brand of scientism.’  The esoteric and exoteric effects of this run deep: the masculine pushed out the feminine, left brain learning has pushed out right brain learning, modern medicine focused on the physical and ignored the energetic, and people were not taught that their thoughts, intentions, and beliefs, actually shaped the physical world around them and directly affected their health.  They were not taught that they were both matter (particles) and energy (waves) at the same time – something now intrinsically known in quantum physics.

The other big downside was that we were denied the ability to be able to test any of civilization’s key technologies — especially in the medical, energy, and transportation sectors – in order to design them so they were safe for people and planet. Qualitative science gives us this ability. Plus, just as importantly, many amazing breakthroughs that were developed in healing, for example, by people like Priore and Becker, were abandoned because they didn’t seem to have any scientific underpinning – again, according to conventional “half” science.  In fact, it was there all along but couldn’t be articulated.  Had science developed as Pythagoras had intended, this wouldn’t be the case and I imagine our world would be far healthier, safer, and cleaner.

Fortunately, many quantum physicists and researchers in the 20th century helped us get back on track when they discovered that the sub-atomic building blocks of our reality have a DUAL nature, and can behave as both a particle (matter) and a wave (energy) at the same time. What that fundamentally means is that you and I, and everything around us, have that same dual nature, too. Ah-ha!  The missing half of science is starting to reappear!

The work of the late Dr. Masura Emoto, a Japanese researcher, provided a stunning example of our energetic influence on the world. When test subjects held a glass of water and spoke or even imagined kind words (like a ‘blessing’), the water crystals took on beautiful, symmetrical forms. When people spoke or imagined hurtful words, the crystals were deformed and ugly. Not only does this directly illustrate the very real, energetic power of our thoughts and words, the results also prove that these energies can be imbued with different qualities!  Considering that we’re mostly water, the implications are profound.

More and more, people are beginning to actively explore the fact that on one hand, they exist as independent, autonomous beings, while on the other hand, they are part of some primal unity — what scientists call the unified field. It’s a fascinating paradox and one that can be quite empowering.  As we begin to experience and develop that primal, intuitive part of our nature, our intentions begin to manifest faster and faster.  I experienced this myself.  Additionally, I found my fears being replaced with feelings of joy and wonder… and a sense of calm that originated from a deeper sense of connection. I also came to realize… to know… that though my body will one day die, the consciousness that defines me is immortal. But whether I can catch a ride up to the heavens in that Egyptian Solar Boat… I don’t know.  What I do know, though, from years of exploration and personal experience, is that I will be reuniting with my true soul family I guess you’d call it, after my tour here is done… in a loving, zero stress reality where everything you could ever want is FREE!!  Wahoo!

Anyway, returning to our science talk, here’s the big news: That missing qualitative science has resurfaced in our world, and what it has already proven capable of is breathtaking.  Dr. Ibrahim Karim is the man responsible for bringing qualitative science back into the picture — under the banner of BioGeometry™.  According to Dr. Karim, this qualitative science is really a science of spiritual or conscious energy, yet it is not associated with any religious beliefs.

By spiritual he’s simply referring to the qualities of the energy harmonics which make up the faster-than-light vibratory nature of Creation. Dr. Karim also refers to BioGeometry™ as ‘the science of the shape-caused wave’ — also known as compression, or sound waves, even though we can’t hear them. Check out the pioneering work of Hans Jenny. (

According to many classical traditions, our universe includes a number of independent planes of nature, which I suppose are akin to ‘dimensions’ in the faster-than-light realms. The Egyptian Temple Sciences identifies seven of them: a physical plane (3D), a vital plane, an emotional plane, a mental plane, a causal plane, a spiritual plane, and a Divine plane.  Each plane, according to the Egyptian sciences, each has a specific geometry associated with it. Why is this important to each of us?  Because learning how to create resonances with these geometric planes allows you to “see” the invisible forces all around you; to be able to transmute the harmful ones and enhance the beneficial ones. As the impossible become possible, we can start living in harmony with our world and with each other.

“This spiritual, or ‘sacred’ energy,” says Dr. Karim, “is a sort of transcendental energy, or agent, that affects space time. It belongs to no religion, no belief, no creed, yet is at the core of every belief on earth. In itself, it is very abstract. Yet, with the proper tools and understandings we can work with this spiritual energy in practical ways — to live in harmony with our world and the universe around us. BioGeometry bridges science and spirituality. …it is an enhancement to modern technology. We are simply changing the quality of whatever energy it might be. Imagine a world where the electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere had a healing effect instead of a harmful effect… where we could increase crop yields by increasing the sacred life force of the plants and no chemicals were needed. This science enables us to do this.”

Sound like something we could use?  Maybe like yesterday, right?  Then check out BioGeometry Overview by Dr. Robert Gilbert ( and the Swiss TV News story ( to give you an idea of what BioGeometry is capable of.  Pardon the little Pavilion plug in the video, but I filmed that lecture by Dr. Gilbert and you can see why I’m very excited about helping get the science of BioGeometry out into the world. You can also go online to, or browse through the Vesica Institute’s website ( where they teach BioGeometry and many other fascinating subjects on the science of spirituality.

I’d like to touch on one more important point – one which leads to another important set of derivative solutions.  Dr. Emoto and many other contemporary scientists have confirmed that we affect everything and everyone around us 24/7 with our thoughts and feelings. I won’t go into the details here, but suffice to say you and I, by training and focusing our minds, can to do things previously thought impossible — things like changing our gene expressions, healing ourselves (or others) of dis-ease, influencing the outcome of events, and so on. Our minds are incredibly powerful tools. Imagine being exposed to Ebola, for example, and not even getting a fever!   (Don’t try this at home, by the way.)

In studies where researchers had faith healers drink enough strychnine or snake venom to land anyone in the hospital (or cemetery), these deadly poisons had no effect. Why? Because they had trained their minds to believe, with absolute certainty, they were not harmful, and their bodies listened. That is how powerful we are. But, given the high cost of faith healer training these days <LOL>, can we do something else to get similar results?  As a matter of fact we can.

BioGeometry can help with this, too, by transmuting the toxic energy quality of the poison so it’s no longer harmful…or much less so. And I can testify to this fact, myself. As an interesting historical note: the Jesuits used qualitative science tools when they traveled to new regions of the world to enable them to drink the water and eat the indigenous plants and foods without being poisoned. No fancy filters or expensive chemicals were needed. An impressive science? Damn right!

To summarize, we now have the tools, the techniques, and the missing half of science, to enable each of us to better manage and shape his or her life — and to help restore the health of our world, too. Tah-Dah!!  “But wait!”, you say, “How are we going to get this amazing, paradigm shifting information capable of changing our lives and our collective future out into the world so we can use it?”

For my part, I plan to help share this scientific elixir by offering BioGeometry classes in the forthcoming Pavilion, and will also feature BioGeometry science exhibits in all Pavilion Life Sciences Center. With a little luck, one will be opening near you before too long.

YOU can start right away, though, by reading Dr. Karim’s excellent book, Back to a Future for Mankind, and by checking out some of the BioGeometry videos on my ‘JimGrapek’ YouTube page. I also encourage you to go through the BioGeometry training and consider becoming a practitioner or an instructor — so you can help balance, harmonize and heal, our increasingly toxic world. And what a great vocation that would be!  Is there a need for this? Absolutely!

Which is exactly why I am studying and sharing BioGeometry, too!

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