The Pavilion Learning Center:  Where Self-Discovery and Self-Transcendence Meet

“Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world.”

                                                                                                      ~Nelson Mandela

The natural and man-made threats that are facing us today are of epic proportions. Not only has our world (food, air, and water) become quite toxic, but some threats, such as Fukishima’s ongoing radiation spillage, increasing weather radicalization, and potential solar system scale threats, could trigger devastation like we’ve never seen. That said, there are ways to mitigate risks, and there are ways to create ‘micro environments’ which can support a good quality of life for those people who don’t happen to have homes in ‘Iron Mountain’.

Here in the 21st century, for those of us interested, there are plenty of technological tools available to create something akin to a utopia. Where we begin, though, has more to do with each of us than any technology. To paraphrase former Czechoslovakian president and playwright, Vaclav Havel, “We must follow these new directions in science and learn to transcend our industrial culture. At the heart of this transcendent thinking must be our respect for the miracle of being, the miracle of nature, and the miracle of our own existence. It’s time again to learn to listen to, and nourish, our inner voices and begin caring for our world.”

Our institutionalized, politicized, sanitized society has always tended to skip over the most basic and important things in life, and that has thrown everything out of balance. For example, as children we’re taught little or nothing about how to be “in relationship” with those around us. Girls are told they are the equal of boys, yet that’s not the implied message they see all around them; and higher education barely touches on marriage, or raising children, choosing a vocation, or the role of ethics in business and culture. On top of that, American culture reinforces a victim mentality, diverting attention from the fact that each of us is ‘at-cause’ on some level, for everything that happens in our lives; we are each responsible — or to blame — for our own behavior and happiness.

While The Pavilion Learning Center features a wide variety of classes, put together by leaders in the field of cognition and learning, the underlying focus of the mostly adult curriculum is to help people embrace more compassion, love, and balance in their lives; to help them rediscover who they are… and to help them grow into who they want to become.

For too long, many people have simply not been able to be who they wanted to be or came here to be — and that’s problematic.  When we are not true to who we are deep down inside and live a false existence, it tends to lead to unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life, depression, and pain.. for everyone in close circles. Even today, many if not most people are still pushed — by parents, teachers, clergy, and peers — to be someone they are not. The more people who are able to function and live as they’re meant to, though, the better they can support, like the pieces of a jig-saw puzzle that properly fit together, the ‘big picture’ … and the community as a whole.

“We have manufactured a meaningless world. We’ve been focusing on business and everything else and we’ve forgotten the most important thing: we’ve forgotten first and foremost that we are spirits, or souls; part of some Divine being experiencing this amazing human journey. The world isn’t falling apart because our kids can’t spell.”      ~ Oprah, 2013

The Learning Center curriculum also includes a number of classes for children and teens, with concurrent counseling sessions under a Pavilion nonprofit program for at-risk youth. All classes are designed to stimulate creativity and independent thinking, or Omnia Questio, which in Latin means, question everything. Additionally, classes are taught by skilled presenters trained in the material; in an engaging manner that encourages participation, teamwork, and community building. There will be classes which have a community focus, as well, including Community Time Banks, Growing a Community Garden, and Greening Communities with Living, Edible Walls.

Education pioneer Dr. Ralph Borosdi said, “Formal education confined generally to the first two decades of life cannot possibly prepare a person for the constancy and rapidity of change that will follow. If people are to effectively cope with the continuing explosion of knowledge, shifting vocational needs, a changing society, and at the same time, adapt comfortably to the aging process, then life-long learning becomes an imperative”.

Today, we are faced with threats to our well-being the likes of which few of us have ever seen. We’re also, concurrently, in the midst of scientific paradigm shift of a similar scale. Breathtaking discoveries, taught and exhibited at The Pavilion, have given us new insights into not only the workings of our world… but our reality; and they continue to blow open the ‘what’s possible‘ category.  New, consciousness based technologies which can help us weather the proverbial storm are quickly coming within our grasp. As radio show host Eva Herr likes to say, “It’s no longer about realizing you can change your world… it’s knowing how.”  That is precisely the purpose of The Pavilion’s Learning Center

For all of these reasons, Borosdi’s statement becomes an imperative. So too, do next generation community hubs like The Pavilion.  For to thrive in the days ahead will require nothing less than an accelerated, or perhaps spontaneous, evolution.


  • The New Health and Science Paradigm
  • Brain Power: The Mind, Psychology, and Relationships
  • Understanding and Working with Energy Medicine
  • Creative Arts Classes
  • The Healthy Gourmet: Raw Food Prep / Cooking up World Cuisines / Eating to Live Well
  • Physics, Metaphysics, and a Unified Universe    (‘Uni’ = one. ‘verse’ = phrase or song. These classes explain why universe refers to ONE song)
  • Smart Living! Practical Tips and Tricks for Living healthier, happier, and more sustainably
  • Classroom without Walls: Answering an Evolutionary and Critical Call to Action