PICHI is Born

More and more, people today are now turning to some combination of what’s commonly called ‘integrative’ medicine, which generally consists of a mix of conventional, alternative, functional, holistic, energetic, and other types of medicine. Yet, health insurance still does not cover many of the non-conventional approaches, and generally excludes coverage for wellness treatments, too. That’s because most health insurance continues to be rooted in the conventional medical model, which is not driven by patient needs but rather, the dictates of the pharmaceutical industry and institutional medicine.

The times, though, are changing. Under the Affordable Care Act, a nonprofit, “consumer-centered” insurance company may be established to serve a particular population. In keeping with that directive, the Pavilion’s nonprofit Life Sciences Center is creating a new breed of health insurance that will cover many non-conventional (CAM) therapies, nutritional supplements, dental exams and treatments, wellness treatments such as massage and ozone oxygen saunas, and has prescription options, major medical coverage, and more. It’s called PICHI (pronounced ‘Peachy‘), which stands for Pavilion Integrative Comprehensive Health Insurance, and it is patient centered from the start. The more we can help you optimize your health, the better for you… the better for us… and the better for the community.

When you first enroll in the innovative PICHI program, you’re registered for a free, Health Primer Orientation Class taught through The Pavilion’s Learning Center. It’s an engaging, mind expanding class that introduces recent discoveries in biology, biochemistry, and biophysics, which have profoundly changed our understandings of ‘health’… and how to best create it. Armed with this knowledge, you will be on the road to better managing your own. You also get a resource guide packed with many, easy to use nutritional remedies and natural cures, along with health tips to help save you unnecessary trips to the doctor.

Once you are a PICHI subscriber, phone apps, newsletters, and web feeds, provide you with current and helpful health information. PICHI also rewards you with special bonuses and savings on premiums when you are able to improve your health or meet certain defined health criteria… much like how the auto insurance companies reward customers for good driving.

First, to help support your personal goals, you get access to state-of-the-art wellness tools, including Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and far infrared saunas, that are designed to optimize your health at the cellular level. Then, PICHI gives you the tools to help track and assess your progress, to help you increase your health score. You can choose from wearable PICHI health apps, regular health scans at The Pavilion’s Bio-Center, and you can increase your score by attending accredited fitness, exercise, and group exercise programs.

We’re also exploring ways to help you monitor your health online and right from your home. Why are we doing all this? We look at it this way: If we can catch an emerging health issue before it becomes a real problem, we’ve just hit a home run for everybody!

Ultimately, what PICHI saves in claims and gives back in health is passed onto you — as better  quality of life, lowered premiums, and other perks. This can be done because PICHI is, after all, a not-for-profit, cooperative, patient centered, insurance program. Additionally, PICHI is partnering with mission aligned organizations to offer you special discounts for items such as organic foods, nutritional supplements, health spa retreats, healthy home assessments and remediation services, and more.

Self-Health Can be a Little Off-Putting

It comes as no surprise that it can be a little scary when one begins to take more responsibility for his or her health, yet this is the direction healthcare is headed… and indeed needs to head. This is good news for America because the conventional medical model, where the doctor is in charge of your health rather than you, is failing. The fact is, YOU are the best person qualified to speak out on your behalf. YOU best know your body, and YOU best know how you feel.

As you start to play a bigger role in managing your health —including learning how to better liaison with your doctors and practitioners — you should expect to start achieving better health outcomes. Still, we appreciate that there’s a learning curve involved.  That’s why PICHI will also support you with telephone Health Lines staffed 7 days a week, by trained nurses, health coaches and medical technicians.

The Pavilion’s Integrative Comprehensive Health Insurance — because America deserves better. Just one more great reason to make The Pavilion a part of your life!