Conventional medicine is failing even in the most advanced nations of the world.”                                                                                                        ~ Price Waterhouse Coopers

What if much, perhaps even most, of what we thought we knew and were taught about health and medicine was just plain wrong? What would you do? How could you, in good conscience, follow ‘the doctor’s orders’ when you knew they might be wrong and could even exacerbate your problems? Where or who would you turn to for proper health care?

This is exactly the position we’re in today, though this paradigm shaking fact is not getting its due — because of industry influence and conflicts of interest. I suppose that’s not too surprising, given we’re talking about a multi-trillion dollar industry which employs over twelve million people here in the U.S., alone. Still, why would the industry want to bury this? Isn’t coming from a place of integrity a better approach? After all, lives are at stake, and it’s our friends and family members who are literally being buried… and in ever greater numbers. But here we are.

Beginning with the January, 2011 cover story in Newsweek entitled, “Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong,” this sobering reality continues to be revealed. Now don’t get me wrong; we need conventional medicine. When it comes to emergencies and acute conditions, conventional medicine is without equal. It saved my own life at one point. But for actually supporting HEALTH, it fails miserably. Half of all Americans now suffer with chronic disease; 1 in 6 of our children are developmentally disabled, and MEDICAL ERROR, according to a 2016 British Medical Journal study cited by the New York Times, is the THIRD leading cause of death in the United States… with deaths from properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs coming in at around fourth place. (Seriously… OMG!)

How did we get to this point? Could it be because, as one doctor quipped, “being healthy doesn’t generate profits?”  Certainly that’s a big part of it. The business of medicine seems to put profits before patients, witnessed by the fact that all of the major pharmaceutical companies have paid billions in fines for committing criminal acts – including fraud, falsifying studies, kickbacks, and bribery – which have caused millions to die. Another big reason conventional medicine is failing us is that it ignored some very important and fundamental advances in science. “In a large sense,” said the renowned scientist Dr. Rustum Roy, “conventional medicine is still operating the same way it did in the 1800’s, while the rest of science has advanced far beyond that.” Quite ironic, considering it’s also known as ‘modern medicine.’

What did the rest of science discover that conventional medicine has ignored? That we are made up of both matter and energy at the same time, and all physical matter – our bodies, included — is governed by what Einstein called, ‘invisible energy fields’. Yet, taking our cars as an example, could you expect to keep your car running well if you ignored its electrical system? Of course not. Yet, that’s essentially what’s happened in medicine. Though EEG’s and ECG’s are used to read our brain and heart’s electrical fields, medicine pays little attention to the ‘health’ of our energetic health, instead focusing solely on the body’s physical and bio-chemical functions. Yet, even the National Institutes of Health admitted that a ‘human bio-field’ surrounds us and plays a role in our health. Meanwhile, time-tested modalities – such as acupuncture, Ayurveda, and homeopathy – are effective because they address the health of our vital energies.

The bottom line — for me, anyway — it is that outside of critical and acute care needs, I can no longer trust what conventional doctors’ say. Or what the CDC, the FDA, the American Cancer or the American Heart Association says… and especially what the drug companies say. (Seriously, how can you trust a company that has paid billions in fines for its criminal activities?) While I like and trust my doctors on a personal level, the fact still stands that much of the information they have been taught has been proven wrong — by their peers! I know oncologists who would never give their family chemo or radiation, nor take it themselves… and pediatricians who use ‘HP’ (homeo-prophylaxis) instead of vaccinations to immunize their own children.

These doctors, though, have to walk a fine line if they’re going to step out of the box. The AMA – which is in the pockets of Big Pharma — doesn’t take kindly to that and often threatens doctors with pulling their medical licenses. The same goes for our dentists, too. Did you know that dentists are not allowed to tell their patients about the scientifically verified dangers of silver amalgam (mercury) fillings? They can lose their license for doing so. According to EPA and OSHA rules, those silver fillings – which are fifty percent mercury — must be handled as a toxic, hazardous substance, from its production through the time it enters the dental office. It’s then removed it from its ‘hazardous substance’ protective case and put directly into our mouths! Yet, all the dentist can legally say is, “It’s perfectly safe,” though plenty of studies have proved otherwise.

In Part 2, you’ll read about some new directions health care needs to be (and is) going, and why today’s “standards of care” work against your efforts to recover from illness or disease. Until then…

May your health be with you!


— Jim Grapek is a science and health writer/producer, and founder of The Pavilion an immersive, 21st century lifestyle and innovation center delivering the best that science, integrative medicine, and humanity has to offer — to enable people to live healthier, smarter, and more meaningful lives. He can be reached by email at: