Tipping Point Can’t Come Soon Enough

WiFi and Trees

I’d like to share a little from a recent ZenGardner.com commentary I found uplifting: “It appears we’re hitting that infamous tipping point in many arenas as of late. So much is getting revealed and reaching the collective consciousness as the truth manifests. Remember, to finally tip a scale it just needs that last grain of sand to completely reverse perceived reality in the mass mind.

Just look at not just the grains, but the flood tide of truth being released into the public mental, spiritual, economic and political domains… It’s astounding. No doubt the external world situation grows more direful by the day, but it’s important for people to be able to identify these powerful shifts now taking place for their own encouragement and inspiration.   … While the forces of abuse and control seem to be making monstrous strides toward their end game, their machinations are becoming more obvious and clearly malicious.”

[One of the worst of these “monstrous strides”, which can be viewed HERE, is now causing 1 out of every 6 children in the United States today to be born with a developmental disability!  I had no idea.  1 out of 6 — confirmed by the CDC!  It’s criminal. (http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/developmentaldisabilities/features/birthdefects-dd-keyfindings.html)]

Thank you ZenGardner. I’m so glad others are starting to see “the obvious”, too. Still, I must admit to finding myself amazed at how polarized today’s issues have become. Either it’s insanity, or as the Gardner said, “clearly malicious” and I’ve ruled out insanity.

Though there’s plenty of doom and gloom, it’s great to see people starting to engage. What excites me the most is that advances in the last few decades have shown we can “have our cake and eat it, too.” By that I mean we can keep our high tech and live healthier, more sustainable lives — though balance… ‘everything in moderation’ as the Buddhist say, is always a good thing. The ‘impossible’ really has become possible. To quote physicist and Stanford professor emeritus William Tiller, “With what we now know, we can improve every technology we have and even create new ones.” We can even make our … what the Italian high court ruled as, ‘cancer causing cell phones’… healthy for us. All that’s required are some small adjustments to the transmission signals. Good for us… good for the animals and bees… good for the world. Let’s make it happen.

It seems we’re also on the verge of being able to generate cheap, or even free, renewable power; and providing more effective and less costly health care. Nice! Imagine a life where you can feel better… and spend more time on friends, on art, on learning, and on reconnecting with Nature. And wouldn’t it be nice not to have to stress out about paying those bills come the 1st of the month?

How can this happen? I suspect it has to begin with each of us first making a conscious decision to engage, and to then take some kind of action… like visualizing a better outcome, or talking with friends about what we’d like to see … or making more choices with our pocketbooks — the only kind of voting that consistently works.

As this rolling wave of change picks up momentum, now is a great time to jump aboard — or ‘ride it’ if you prefer — and you’ll have plenty of good company. Noam Chomsky, the renowned American linguist, philosopher, and MIT Professor concurs. “To some extent, we can create the future rather than merely observing the flow of events. Given the stakes, it would be criminal to let real opportunities pass unexplored.”

I wholeheartedly agree. It’s past the time for studies. Each of us is a change agent and it’s time to act. Think you’re too small to make a difference? As the Zen Gardner reminds us, “Just try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”



— Jim Grapek is a producer, futurist, and founder of The Pavilion — a forthcoming, 21st century facility that will enable people to live happier, healthier, more meaningful lives.  Jim can be reached by email at JHGrapek@ThePavilionCenter.com.